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SMX 4 Stroke

SMX Specification: 

Bore and Stroke: 77x53.6 / 95X63.4 / 98.0x 70.0
Displacement: 249.46 / 449,16 / 527.7
Compression ratio: N.A.
Horse power: N.a.
Timing system: DOCH 4 Titanium valves
Lubrification: Dry sump with double rotor pump
Carburettor: Battery-less Efi System / Keihin FCR 41mm
Fuel: Superunleaded
Ignition: Kokusan CDI Electronic with variable advance
Clutch: Multiuple-disk in oil-bath with hydaulic control
Gear: 5 gears
Cooler System: Coolant liquid with pump
Starting: kick start (optional Electric start)
Frame: Perimetral aluminium section
Front fork: Marzocchi USD
Rear shock: TM Racing / Ohlins TTX option.
Front tyre: racing competition - 17" diameter (16.5" sTs option)
Rear tyre: racing competition -
17" diameter 5" width (5.5" sTs option)
Front brake: Disk 305 mm. with Brembo radial pump and caliper
Rear brake: Disk 245 mm. with Nissin pump and caliper
Tank: Plastic 8,2 litres

SMX Competition options include:

Billet machined headstock chassis 4-Stroke

Billet machined rear suspension linkage 4-Stroke

Billet machined clutch and ignition covers 4-Stroke

Slipper clutch (requires billet machined clutch cover) 4-Stroke

Brembo Racing complete brake system 4-Stroke

5.5" rear rim (Alpina sTs System)

16.5" front rim (Alpina sTs System)

Ohlins TTX shock absorber

Carbon fibre engine protection guards 4-Stroke

Carbon Fibre Airbox Ram and New moulded airbox (may require shock absorber modifcation also) 4-Stroke

'Хорошие новости... как только вы покупаете TM, вы перестаёте нести лишние расходы. Реально перестаёте.' -- Dirt Bike Magazine Feb. 2012

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